Wolverine Young Readers Novel TP



Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Barry Lyga
Artist: Various
Cover Artist: Todd Nauck
Page Count: 128
Product Code: FEB130612
ISBN: 9780785183952
Colors: Color

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My name is Eric Mattias, and I have the world’s suckiest mutant power. I live at Xavier’s School for Gifted Students, which is like home base for the mutants of the world. You’ve probably seen mutants on TV, and you probably wish you could go to school with a bunch of people who have awesome powers. Because you probably think you’d get to hang out with the X-Men and fight evil mutants and do stuff like that. But guess what? You’d be wrong! Instead, I go to school and I play on my computer and I’m alone a lot because, like I said before, I have a lame mutant power. So anyway, this book is sort of about my life as a mutant, and it’s about my worst day ever. And Wolverine’s worst day ever, too.


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Wolverine Young Readers Novel TP

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